Biz Buzz – The 12-Week Year

Biz Buzz – The 12-Week Year

The 12-Week Year

Biz Buzz and the 12-Week Year with Ray and Zen puts nearly a hundred years of experience, expertise and business knowledge at your fingertips. Topics include best selling business book and offer a really quick version of the wisdom from the books.

This show focuses on 12-Week Year: Get More Done In 12-Weeks Than Others Do In 12 Months by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington. It’s central question is, “How would your life change if each end every day you performed up to your full potential?

The 12-Week Year starts with a vision, and from that vision you establish a set of 12 week goals. Based on those goals you develop a 12 week plan. The 12-Week Year is a structured approach that fundamentally changes the way you think and act.

Ultimately, it is your thinking that drives your results; it is your thinking that creates your experiences in life. Breakthrough results don’t start with your actions, they are first created in your thinking.

Ray’s Crib Notes are an essential part of the show and are given away just for the asking. Ray’s Crib Notes are from 6 to 10 pages and are full of tasty tidbits.

This show’s crib notes offering can be found here.

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