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Thank you for the outstanding opportunity of being a guest on 2 Small Biz Guys Talk Radio. I found the experience extremely comfortable and easy to get the message out. This is an opportunity every small business owner should take advantage of. Some people are afraid of being on radio, and you made this very easy, comfortable and entertaining.

–Rick Murray, President, Arizona Small Business Association

To You, A Business Owner…

Build Trust, Get the Word Out and Expand Your Horizons

Appearing on 2SmallBizRadio is a great way to create trust and authenticity in a market full of noise and clutter. It’s effective and economical…and yes, it’s just plain fun.
It’s tougher than ever to get in front of new prospects. How can you introduce yourself when no one answers the phone or bothers to read your marketing materials?
There’s a fresh way to reach business prospects, and it’s via small business talk radio. When people are tuning in for sound advice, they’re listening hard. It’s a great time to tell them what you have to offer and let them get to know you. We post to over 100 groups around the world just on Facebook, with hundreds of thousands of members. According to our numbers, analytics provided by our network, we’re hitting 100,000 listens in less than a year. Think what that might do as a sponsor.

Be a Guest on 2SmallBizGuys Radio

2SmallBizGuys is a national talk radio show offering timely info and advice to small business owners. We live-stream every Wednesday at noon, and our show is available on-demand via iTunes and Star Worldwide Networks, which boasts more than five million listeners.
Together, we’ll plan an informational conversation showcasing your expertise and business. Our studio is in Phoenix, AZ, but you can conduct your interview from anywhere. We’re Skype friendly, so we can speak to you anywhere there is an internet connection through the marvels of technology.

Thank you gentlemen for the opportunity to be a guest on 2 Small Biz Guys On Demand Radio Show.  The format was very informative for your listeners as your midwesthr-logoquestions are ones asked often by prospective customers.  The flow of the show was logical starting with general questions, and diving deep in the particulars on topics small business owners want to know – like healthcare reform and employment law changes in our case.  Also, the tag-team jokes and light-hearted demeanor made it enjoyable for me and the listeners.  We have added the show on our social media avenues, and we appreciated you doing the same to get our message out to new prospects.  The feedback we have received from the show has all been very positive.  Thanks again guys, and keep up the good work!   

Jeff Bartelt, President – MidwestHR, LLC

Digital, On-Demand Listening Is Powerful!

Research shows that more than 50% of listeners are moving to digital, on-demand listening. Both our network and our show have established, fast-growing listener bases. You’ll get heard, again and again!

We hit our 150,000 listens mark in less than a year.

Imagine what a full year of on-demand listening for your interview might bring!

Small Investment – Big Benefits

Just a sample of where we post and how many potential ears and eyes you’ll have:

  • LinkedIn Groups: 6 million+ members

  • Facebook Groups: 730,000+ members

In addition to your radio time, you’ll get:

  • Links to podcasts of your interview for your use (great marketing tool).

  • Your promo or article, sent to our mailing list of 20,000 executives.

  • Your information shared on 100+ social media communities and pages

Ongoing exposure for your podcast on both and through on-demand network.

Thank you for the opportunity to be a guest on the 2 Small Biz Guys Talk Radio Show. I have to say I love the format and really enjoyed the interchange with the two of you. Very fun! 

Also, I believe that being a guest on your show is an excellent way for small business owners to promote their companies to a larger audience across the country(and world) Additionally it provides a meaningful opportunity to “pay it forward” by providing tips and insights to budding entrepreneurs and/or anyone who is considering starting their own business.

Congratulations Ray and Zen for putting this terrific show together and helping small business owners worldwide!

Jay Myers, President, CEO, Interactive Solutions, Inc.

And the cost? It’s surprisingly affordable.

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