Brion Crum – Director of Investor Relations – Caliber Wealth Management

Brion Crum – Director of Investor Relations – Caliber Wealth Management

The Guys launch into the world of wealth management with this week’s guest, Brion Crum. Mr. Crum is the Director of Investor Relations for Caliber – The Wealth Management Company. There are many ways for the small business owner to invest in today’s financial marketplace. Stocks, Bonds and Money Market Certificates are instruments that leave little control to the investor, relying on market fluctuations to determine the growth and/or decline of value at any given time. Caliber operates on a more localized platform, investing in real estate opportunities instead.

After a time with Merrill Lynch, Brion decided to move into an area where his efforts and client benefits provided a better return. As Director of Investor Relations, Caliber Wealth Management, under his guidance, has shown double-digit returns, sometimes as high as 28% annually. Caliber’s goal is to make investment opportunities and strategies, previously only available to institutions and the mega-wealthy, available to business owners and individuals. The Guys and Brion talk about what it takes for a company like Caliber to be successful through providing a network of independent advisors.

Does it take a lot of money to be an investor? According to Brion, folks can begin with only a few thousand and participate in a variety of options. Those options also include the support of property management and technology-enabled systems that provide hands-free day-to-day support. Business owners are further supported in their investment and wealth-building strategies by events, Caliber Summits, that provide speakers and training for investors. Caliber is also developing an equity crowdfunding platform for investment opportunities, too.

As a founding member of Eliances, a Scottsdale-based entrepreneurial network, which grew out of concern for making high-impact seasoned professionals available to entrepreneurs and small business owners. The group features opportunities for its members to access specific and strategic partnerships to help grow ideas into profitable businesses. Their monthly and quarterly business meetings bring business professionals from around the globe to ASU’s Skysong facility in Scottsdale, Arizona. You can find out more here.

Brion is also involved in a community organization called Playworks, a non-profit whose mission is to improve the health and well-being of children by increasing opportunities for physical activity with safe and meaningful play, diminishing bullying in schools and on playgrounds across America. Playworks National Partners include Mattel and New Balance; Multi-Regional Partners such as Disney, General Mills, Kaiser Permanente, Laureus Foundation, and many others support their work. Brion is the President of the Arizona Playworks Leadership Council.

You’ll enjoy the usual pun-filled bantering from the Guys, and even Brion joins in, too. 2 Small Biz Guys is a small business talk show that brings the fun back into talking about serious business activities. Reach out to Brion for more information on Caliber. Listen in for more…

Enjoy the show!