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Small Business Talk Radio Show

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The 2 Small Biz Guys small business talk radio show is for and about you. It’s focused on providing meaningful small business advice, discussing common business concerns and learning to recognize/seize opportunities… all delivered with a little humor and warmth. They’re old guys with young hearts that have a lot of fun.

Your hosts, Zen and Ray, are witty, engaging characters on and off the air. More importantly, they’re experienced small business pros who love nothing more than sharing their expertise and knowledge with fellow entrepreneurs, inviting practical wisdom to emerge. Business development, business ideas, how to start a business, writing business plans, small business challenges and more are part of their discussions.

In addition, 2 Small Biz Guys’ guests—small business leaders, solopreneurs, micro-business owners, leaders representing a range of industries and viewpoints—share their own stories and hard-earned secrets for success. Guests include Gelie Ahkenblit, the Networking Phoenix Phenom; Rick Murray, President of the Arizona Small Business Association; Rey Shey, publisher of the Phoenix Business Journal; SCORE mentors, Rod Houston and George Sezemski; Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce President, Todd Sanders and other small business owners.

Small Business Talk Radio Topics

We cover topics that include how to grow your business, how to steer clear of (and get out of) trouble, and the does and don’ts of entrepreneurship and self-employment. From the value of peer groups and strategic coaching to Media Thermometer on 2 Small Biz Guys, small business talk radiofinding a business mentor, you’ll hear great tips that you can put to work in your business.

Some Examples:

  • How to hire a sales person
  • Compensation for key people and sales personnel
  • How to get money from your bank
  • How to use LinkedIn and Social Media for lead generation
  • Values and Culture Leadership
  • How to handle cash flow issues
  • Benefits from participation in Peer Advisory Groups
  • How to create focus in your business marketing
  • Networking – defining your ideal customer

In other words, tune in and receive sound small business advice and insights, without incurring any added expense. Intermixed with guests, we’ll explore the dynamics of particular business challenges and opportunities. Our move to a digital network provides us with better targeting, using modern tech and tools, to deliver content to your markets, too. A conversational interview gives you a more personal presence on the web, too. Our web ranking for ‘small business talk radio’ puts us among the top, so you’ll have more support that can only bolster your own ranking.

Your Hosts: 2 Small Biz Pros

Ray and Zen, offer more than 60 years of combined experience across a range of small business environments.

Ray built his manufacturing company into a multi-million dollar business, which he sold in 1993 to create his own peer group network, PRO President’s Resource Organization. He owned several other businesses and served on business talk radio best secrets of great small businessesthe Board of Directors for Devon Bank in Chicago. For more than two decades, Ray has helped small businesses grow via his peer groups and his practical business knowledge is priceless.

Zen has an MA in Organizational Management and an MBA in Project Management, plus more than 20 years of putting people, places and things together to achieve business goals and objectives. His small business engagement includes micro-lending in the early 2000s, COO of Club Entrepreneur in the mid-2000s and creating/delivering business plan writing curriculum for post secondary schools in the late 2000s. He’s also kept up with the digital world, active on bulletin boards in the 90s, building his first website in 2000 and current web development today.

Some of our small business conversations lead to larger topics impacting our communities. Directly or indirectly, small business leaders are responsible for facilitating change in society. Entrepreneurs are concerned with the effects of legislation, with community development, and even their greater social responsibility. The core competencies of small business development includes leadership, management and strategic planning, among other things, and conversations about best practices always lead to new insights for our audience and guests.

When not on the radio, Ray and Zen facilitate small business peer groups and workshops designed to accelerate both professional and personal growth. Their clients and peer group members have praised their banter and the level of engagement they bring to the conversation. Tuning in to the 2 Small Biz Guys radio show is the next best thing to sitting in on one of their peer groups.

George Sezemsky - Score

George Sezemsky Certified Score Mentor (Aka Retired Business Executive)

Wow, what an experience! The 2 Small Biz Guys show is a great way to experience your 1st time on radio. The setting, hosts, and conversation was a very easy entry into this new media for me (the 1st time on radio). Our mission was to promote the Score organization and the upcoming Greater Phoenix Score Symposium; mission accomplished. Zen & Ray did a great interview of Rod and myself. I would recommend the program for any business related topics.

Thanks guys for running a great program.