Business without the Bullsh*t

Business without the Bullsh*t

No BS Here

The Guys take another plunge into top-rated business material, Geoffrey James’ book, Business Without the Bullsh*t – 49 Secrets and Shortcuts You Need to Know. Ray and Zen throw around a lot of stuff during the shows, but this one is different – no BS. The Guys square off to debate and discuss the notion of being a freelancer in today’s economy and what that really means as an employee and employer.

This is not a book of theory – it’s Business without the Bullsh*t.  It’s a collection of practical approaches to real-life situations that take place every day inside every company.  The author directs a good portion of the book toward employees, and I have selected the topics that apply to business owners and key executives.

The attitude of the author is Everyone Is a Freelancer.  Rather than offering job security companies now move jobs whereverbusiness-without-the-bullshit-2 they can be done more cheaply.  Similarly, those who stick with one employer for too long now seem out of touch or lacking in initiative. The Guys have field day with this one.

Today everyone is a freelancer.  Even if you’ve got a salaried position with benefits, perks, paid vacations, and fancy title, you’re still a freelancer.  If you aren’t constantly selling and reselling your services, you’ll be unemployed faster than you can say pink slipAs a freelancer, your goal must always be to land your next job, hopefully one that’s more fun and pays better than the one you’ve already got.

You Are Your Boss, you’re a freelancer, it no longer makes sense to think of yourself as “being managed” by somebody else.  A boss is more like a client or customer, which means you must manage the relationship. RELATIONSHIPS are the driver of the bus in the new millennium, pay attention to them.

Similarly, the old concepts of what it means to be the boss are increasingly meaningless.  Your employees—the ones who are smart and therefore “get” that they’re freelancers—aren’t going to fall in line just because you’ve got a job title.

That’s just the start.  As a freelance you must be capable of managing not just upward and downward, but sideways as well.  You must influence and convince your co-workers to help you achieve your goals, usually by helping them achieve theirs. Finally, and most important, you must learn to manage inwardly controlling your thoughts, habits, and actions so they serve your greater purpose.

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