Christian Brothers Water Services

Christian Brothers Water Services

Ray and Zen interview Jeff Elliot and Andrew Maples from Christian Brothers Water Services.

The Metropolitan Area of Phoenix and the Valley of The Sun gets its water from four primary sources: Surface and groundwater from the Salt River Project (SRP); Water from the Colorado River, delivered through the Central Arizona Project (CAP); Ground water pumped from the City’s wells; and Reclaimed water. What is in your water? Do you have water services?

What is in your water?

Because the vast areas of our state, as well as surrounding states, are comprised of agricultural, industrial, municipal, business and residential areas, because reclaimed water used for irrigation gets back into the water table. Rain can wash airborne contaminants out of the air and the surface and groundwater obtained from underground sources has the potential to contain a diverse array of contaminants including, but not limited to: animal wastes, bacteria, calcuim, chlorine, copper, cryptosporidium, dirt, excess fluoride, fertilizer, fungicides, giardia lamblia, heavy metals, hexavalent chromium, hydrogen sulfide, lead, legionella, magnesium, manganese, mercury, molds, nitrates, PCB’s, pesticides, petroleum, phosphates, prescription drugs, radium, silt, smog, smoke, solvents, strontium, tannin and viruses.

Now that last paragraph was a probably more than you ever wanted to know about the water you may be using. We explore the practical and simple side of the matter with Jeff and Andrew. You may find out some things you weren’t aware of and some potential solutions if you are considering water treatment for your home or business. As always, do your research before making any decisions – get the facts and make sense common. Check out Christian Brothers Water Services for more.

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