Communication Media in the Digital Age

Communication Media in the Digital Age

Exploring Print and Radio Communications

The 2 Guys have talked about new combination tools, social media, and many of our listeners really do not know about the standards—radio & print. How has communication in the digital age changed? Ray Schey, Publisher of the Phoenix Business Journal and ‘The Mayor’ Dave Pratt, Founder/CEO of Star Worldwide Networks join us in the studio.

Both have had to deal with the changes in the delivery of communications brought about by the digital age and the Internet in particular. This is a show you’ll want to listen to if you wonder how your business needs to adjust communication in the marketing mix. Customers are looking in very different places to find products and services, including businesses looking for suppliers and vendors.

Listen in to how two high-profile folks have handled the challenges.

In our first segment we’ll explore how Dave and Ray got started in their fields, who influenced them in their ascent and what they learned. Oftentimes there is a moment in time where one realizes they are in the right place for passion and purpose to align. What was their moment, the events that surrounded it and the effect on their lives. Technology changes have affected them both, especially with digital media coming into play in the last decade or so. What did they do to adjust, survive and even succeed in the new digital domain.

Next, the Guys will dig a little deeper into the print and radio worlds to see how each industry has been affected overall and specifically their business. Information delivery has taken many twists and turns. How has it shifted from their perspectives? How has the shift in delivery changed their audience level of participation? In the age of strategic alliances, will print and radio combine to support each other better? The marketing mix has often included both print and radio in branding, lead generation and recruiting. Is social media joining the mix and what are their observations of such a trifecta today?

What are the Changes in Communication Media in the Digital Age?

Speaking of social media and advanced communication tools, we’ll investigate how each have incorporated the new methods into their business as leaders in their industry. As early adopters, if they truly are, what kind of results did they get when experimenting with new delivery systems? We charge into a discussion of the different aspects of the social media movement looking at the best, worst and necessary improvements for usability for consumer and business alike. We might even explore how print and radio may work together to create a greater impact in the digital age.

Lastly, we’ll look into the crystal ball each holds to see what the future holds in their view. Small business has had a challenge with understanding and utilizing the power of media – print, radio and social. We delve into the mix and how they see small business taking advantage of new, often less expensive, means of marketing. Perception might not actually be true, though, as it takes many tools to manage the mayhem to create an ordered performance. Perhaps we’ll discuss what the Biz Journal and Star Networks are considering to continue to grow their markets. You’ll hear what they have to offer as advice for entrepreneurs, young companies and leadership for the future.

Enjoy the Show!