Creating Sales

Creating Sales

How Do You GET the Orders?

The Guys explore a 20+ year compilation of creating sales insights derived from Ray’s long-standing involvement with Peer Groups. His work, 7 Steps to Creating Sales, covers proven strategies for sales success shared by business owners. Sales drives business and techniques that bolster sales are plentiful. The Guys dive into just 7 that have proven value.

Starting of the show, conversation flows through the numbers game and sales vs. marketing perceptions. What is your target market? Do you really have it pinned down to specifics? Listen in to the determining factors. Are you getting all the business you can from existing customers? What about the 80-20 rule?

Next, the Guys talk about managing time, focus and putting emphasis on where results happen. What about the difference between ‘busy doing’ vs¬†‘effectiveness’ and are activities congruent with desired results? Included in the discussion is the opportunity to download a 100-point system for analysis of activity as well as a copy of 7 Steps to Creating Sales. (see below) How about the sales pitch?

In the third segment the Guys talk about getting leads, how to get referrals, effective ways for getting¬†introductions and networking – better. Are you involved in events or trade shows? What kinds of activities does your company include in pre-, during and post-event actions? What if better results were available through a few minor changes? Listen in…

In the last segment the Guys discuss sales tools procedures. Some items of the discussion may be a refresher while others provide new insight for your sales process. Other points include qualifying, sampling, sharing information, buyer’s remorse reversal, creating differentiation and styles of follow up. Amidst the banter, you’ll pick up some tasty tidbits to apply immediately. Just listen in…

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