Debt Elimination & Natural Law Trusts

Debt Elimination & Natural Law Trusts

The Guys have a most interesting guest this week, Taansen Fairmont, a consultant and expert on debt elimination and common law trusts. Many people have heard about these topics and some business owners may have had experience with the process of debt elimination and/or common or natural law trusts.

Taansen was educated at Maharishi International University in America and Maharishi European Research University in Switzerland. He’s also written extensively on personal sovereignty, natural law and asset protection as well as debt elimination. His manner of speech is a bit unusual to some as he refers to ‘harmonization’ and ‘peaceful people’ in the efforts to be ethical in our behavior toward each other in all financial transactions.

What about Trusts?

If you’ve done any research on them, trusts are a way of protecting assets. There is a lot more they can do when you understand their function. Taansen shares information about the nature of trusts, who uses them and why. The ‘elite’ of the world have been using these instruments of asset and financial protection, yet trusts are not limited to what have been called the 1%.

What are trusts and how are they used today? Are they safe? Are they legal? Can they work for you?

Mr. Fairmont’s company, Brilliance in Commerce, offers information to our listeners through this link: Ask your legal and/or financial advisor for more information to determine the usefulness for your business protection. They also work for estates or households, too.

Ray’s financial expertise comes out in the pertinent and poignant questions that reveal just how Trusts are designed and what advantages they have for the business owner today. Taansen stresses the point of ethical behavior of financial transactions and the harmonization of working with existing laws and regulations of global financial systems.

What about Debt Elimination?

Debt consolidation and elimination services have been around for decades, but not to this extent. The Guys talk with Taansen about how unsecured debt can be eliminated through a few simple steps. Eliminated? Yes, and FICO scores eventually reflect an increase as well.

In the early 90s Taansen discovered specific ways to engaged the financial institutions with factual and legal methods to eliminate his unsecured debt. Out of many programs and systems that attempt to provide solutions for individuals, Taansen’s methods have enjoyed a 100% success rate.

The Guys ask more pertinent and poignant questions about the methodologies of debt elimination as they explore the expertise of Taansen Fairmont and the success he’s had with clients for nearly two decades. He says folks who do eliminate their unsecured debt actually help the economy because the payments on the debt are not available for circulation.

Maybe debt elimination and or natural trusts are something that can help you and your business. We cannot guarantee they will, but if you want more information or to engage Taansen’s services you can reach out to him at Brilliance in Commerce.

Enjoy the Show!

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