Elizabeth Dobers – BBVA Compass Bank

Elizabeth Dobers – BBVA Compass Bank

BBVA – Elizabeth Dobers

The Guys interest rate just went up as they interview Elizabeth Dobers, EVP of BBVA Compass Bank. She heads up the Business Banking and her history, rather herstory, with banking spans decades. Starting as a communications major, her banking experience began in Alabama via a relationship her parents had with the bank president. We all know how people you know affect where you go in a lot of cases.

Starting at the basement level, proofing checks, Elizabeth grew to handling millions in Federal funds by age 21. Even though there was a formula for that, her experiences allowed her to not only witness the changes in banking… helping to make them. Generations have different banking habits and they vary immensely in service requirements. Traditionals still like the personal teller touch, the face-to-face relationship that has been the foundation of banking. Millennials are more adaptable, yet certain transactions are still sensitive enough to demand an eye-to-eye conference.

How is banking changing to adapt to the digital world? What makes BBVA Compass Bank different? You’ll have to listen to find out. The conversation is both informative and interesting, of course the guys provide a little banter, too. Just think… 28 million small businesses in America with 22 million having one employee or less. Banking needs are varied and relationships with bankers are extremely important. How does BBVA Compass handle the variety. You’ll have to listen in for that, too.

Building relationships with bankers is critical for business owners. Everything is relative to the needs of the business and the direction necessary to grow. The customer base for BBVA Compass are small businesses with under $1 million in revenue. Various  opportunities for training beyond the banking services are offered throughout the year. The conversation covers several and more is available through inquiring. Visit their website or, better yet, call a local representative and talk with them about how they can help you.

Getting a look behind the scenes is rare and Elizabeth shares how BBVA Compass Bank considers training customer service representatives, personal bankers and the difference in direction today as compared to last century. Where are business owners struggling? What should be keeping you awake at night? How can a banking representative help? Listen in, garner insight and share what you find, too. The Guys like that… Know, Like, Follow and Share!

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