Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing

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Getting Customers to Contact You

Michael Gerber states, “This book is just like its namesake–Duct Tape–it’s good, incredibly smart, amazingly practical, and immensely sticky stuff.”  I found the book to be a good basic outline of a marketing strategy and it had many useful hints.

Everyone thinks their plight is unique, “Why is it so hard to market my business?”  “But what if I told you, no matter what your business claims to do or provide, you’re actually in the marketing business.  That’s right–every business is actually a marketing business.”

“Marketing is getting people who have a specific need or problem to know, like, and trust you.”

Ray and Zen explore the steps of Duct Tape Marketing – those that get customers to know, like, trust and most of all – contact you. So often companies think their marketing efforts are sufficient, but far too many times they fall short of the goals. Why is that? Listen in and find out.

Duct Tape Marketing is about developing a focus and narrow marketing efforts through specific activities. The Guys walk you through each step and discuss them more in-depth from their own experience and success. If you are familiar with the book, you’ll get a refresher course – always good for looking at your marketing efforts.

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You can choose to attract clients that value what you offer, view working with you as a partnership, and want you to succeed, but only if you have a picture of what that ideal client looks like.  Identify, describe, and focus on a narrow target of clients or segments that are perfectly suited for your business.

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