Energizing Employees – Happy People Get More Done

Energizing Employees – Happy People Get More Done

Improving Morale

“Happy people get more done with less supervision,” says Zen. Improving morale and energizing employees is more than a job for some; it’s a calling. Some people have had the experience of a work environment that is exciting, fun and highly productive.

In today’s revolutionary business environment people have more choices in work environments. They move quickly if they aren’t satisfied. How do you, as a business owner, keep the good ones around?

This week’s show will give you some great information on just how to do that, but you have to listen in to find out. The Guys deliver a lot of information in their shows, all intended to offer you – business owner or entrepreneur – insights and wisdom from the field of hard knocks and success. In the path to success, one of the best methods to achieve it is to find someone(s) who’s gone down the road before you and pay attention to what they did. Ask questions if you can.

Listen in to The Guys

In too many companies, too many employees come to work only to put in their time and collect their paychecks.  What is sorely lacking is energy – the personal initiative to do one’s best. In companies that inspire their employees, productivity and work ethic rise above the norm substantially. Bob Nelson, in his book 1001 Ways to Energize Employees, reveals the research and results of ‘how.’

Effective ways to energize their employees fall into seven categories:

  1. Improving morale
  2. Empowering employees
  3. Communicating
  4. Unleashng the power of suggestions
  5. Encouraging creativity
  6. Training and developing employees
  7. Enhancing the work environment

Keeping employees informed is an equally effective way to boost morale, and productivity. The nature of an organization plays a tremendous role in energizing or de-energizing employees.  The organization can be flexible-systematically providing options, resources, and tools to help managers energize their employees.  Or it can be bureaucratic and policy-bound, which creates an atmosphere that erodes the confidence, self-esteem and energy of its employees.

The Guys, separately and together, have had a plethora of opportunities to utilize many of Mr. Nelson’s discoveries. Often business owners seek their own ways to energize employees and have a difficult time finding methods that work with repeatability. In this show, you’ll get more ideas and ways to implement them. “All of us are smarter than one of us,” Ray has been known to say.

Get the most for your ears and years. Download Ray’s Crib Notes below, buy the book or listen in.

Enjoy the Show!