Entrepreneurial DNA

Entrepreneurial DNA

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In old school entrepreneurship, if you didn’t work an insane amount of hours, love marketing, selling, negotiating, and firing people, you were the inferior version of the entrepreneur. Listen in for the new entrepreneurial ways of getting ahead.

The old school, one-size-fits-all, black-and-white version needs to be archived in a museum somewhere.  Instead, there is a whole new way for you and me to look at entrepreneurship.

Your Entrepreneurial DNA drives your business strategy.  People share some of the same characteristics, but each of us has a unique and distinct makeup.  When it come to entrepreneurship, some of us are “purebreds” and carry a distinct set of characteristics and gifts.

Others of us are “mutts” who have a blend of various strengths and weaknesses.  The old-fashion notion was that what worked for the entrepreneur next door would also work for you.  But you know from experience that isn’t always true.

You have strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies that give you a distinct modus operandi. What might those be? Ray and Zen explore the details for you.

The authors point is all entrepreneurs have an equal opportunity to succeed in the marketplace if they take into account their Entrepreneurial DNA when selecting, starting up, growing, and selling their ventures.

Best business results come after you have mastered your Entrepreneurial DNA and optimized your business plan for your unique gifts, strengths and weaknesses.

Discovering your BOSI Profile:BOSI is the acronym for the four Entrepreneurial DNAs—the Builder, the Opportunist, the Specialist, and the Innovator.

You can discover your BOSI Profile at this link: Click Here

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