Biz Buzz – Escape Velocity…Free Your Company’s Future From The Pull of The Past

Biz Buzz – Escape Velocity…Free Your Company’s Future From The Pull of The Past

Escape Velocity

This book has a hi tech basis and is about achieving a tipping point in new product development, sales and marketing, reaching escape velocity.  But many of its concepts are thought provoking and applicable to small businesses and non-hi tech enterprises.  The book also presents interesting ways to view an investment in hi-tech companies for future growth and market multiples.

What’s the matter with the statue quo?  “Steady as she goes” the mantra of choice, or perhaps “Stay the course”?  What change is so dramatic that it calls into question the working assumptions that have sustained successful business performance for the past half century?  In a word:  globalization.

The American consumer is as readily accessed from Singapore as Seattle, and the great growth market opportunities will come from the developing, not the developed economies.  Of the next 1.3 billion people to be added to the world population, 90 million are expected to come from developed-economy countries.  This means the current set of global enterprise leaders will have to develop new skills for playing “away games” or see their power marginalized.

As Cisco’s CEO, John Chambers, states, “Market transitions wait for no one.”  Not for your customers. Not for your partners.  Not for your competitors.  And not for you.  When the time comes, that sets the time.  And just like when you were a kid playing hide and see, there’s a voice that comes out of nowhere calling, “Ready or not, here I come!”

This creates a whole host of questions: Get them here

Join us for a short conversation about Geoffrey Moore’s book, Escape Velocity — Free Your Company’s Future From The Pull of The Past. Our discussion focuses on the Hierarchy of Power.