Facebook 4 Business… or Dummies?

Facebook 4 Business… or Dummies?

Facebook For Dummies

We all know our web presence is critical today. The Guys jump into one of the most complicated and small business talk radio, facebook graphicconfusing subjects for business owners trying to make sense of the digital world: Facebook.

Ray is the perfect subject because he barely uses technology as it is, yet he knows enough to ask really good questions. The Guys start off talking about the basics of personal profile pages as they relate to creating congruence with business Pages.

As a business owner, if you want to have the basics laid out before you, this is the show that will do it. Zen makes things simple and understandable, even for an old guy like Ray.

The two have their usual banter and tangential moments amidst the conversation, but the tasty tidbits will give you a great understanding of the creation of profiles and more. Like any social media platform, it’s important to consider your vision, mission and goals for your marketing mix.

If you think Facebook isn’t for business, think again. On a recent show with Rey Schey, publisher of the Phoenix Business Journal, he related that the Journal seems to get more traction with Facebook than with LinkedIn. If you are on it at all, you’ll notice all the advertising that seems to follow you around. It’s purposeful and sure let’s you know their paying attention to your online actions and habits.

Business Pages

Pages are used for a number of purposes. Small and large businesses alike are creating Pages, some of them outstanding and some not so. There are specific processes to set pages up properly. The guys explore the boring details of image sizes and use of keywords in appropriate places, too. There is much more to targeting your markets by using the advertising features within the Facebook platform. If you now how to use them, your targeting can be very specific.

If you are curious about other particulars of how to create and use a Page for your business then this conversation is one you’ll no doubt find very useful. There are really no secrets about how to use Facebook, but why weed through all the stuff when you can get most of it in an hour. Of course it will take you a bit longer to implement the information. You’ll at least have it at your fingertips and, if you’re in front of your computer, you might even be able to follow along and have some hands-on experience, too.

Enjoy the Show!