The Fifth Discipline – The Art & Practice of the Learning Organization

The Fifth Discipline – The Art & Practice of the Learning Organization

Learning Organizations

Peter Senge changed the face of how corporations look at organizational management. His book, The Fifth Discipline – The Art & Practice of the Learning Organization, was revolutionary in management circles, demonstrating that there are more satisfying and productive methods for managing organizations. Ray and Zen explore the concepts and material of his book in this show.

Zen completed his MBA in 1997 and was introduced to Senge’s work during his program. Even at that time, the change inSenge, The Fifth Discipline, 2 Small Biz Guys management style was taking the corporate world by storm. The methods and strategies of ‘learning organizations’ far outweigh the prevailing systems of last century. The book, first published in 1990, became deeply integrated into people’s ways of seeing the world and their managerial practices. Ray’s practices were already aligned as a forward-thinking owner.

How does it all work? What are the key elements of the shift in styles? You’ll have to listen in, buy the book or download the summary below.

There are some areas of focus we’ll share here that are extrapolated in the book. These are broken down into the disciplines of the Learning Organizations. Each provides a vital dimension in building organizations that can truly ‘learn,’ that can continually enhance their capacity to realize their highest aspirations, according to Senge. It is vital that the five disciplines develop as an ensemble.

The disciplines include:

  • Systems Thinking
  • Personal Mastery
  • Mental Models
  • Building Shared Vision
  • Team Learning

The Guys elucidate and explore the dimensions of learning organizations and reflect on their own experiences of how people, places and things work together better. We all want maximum productivity but often don’t know how to set things up so it will emerge from the organization we serve. Ray and Zen, like many, struggle to make the concepts real in helping companies grow and thrive in today’s marketplace.

You can find a summary of his book by clicking here.

Enjoy the Show!