Free Radicals Eat People, or do they?

Free Radicals Eat People, or do they?


— and Other Unapologetic Rules for Game Changing Entrepreneurs

by Andy Kessler

The Guys might be a little too seasoned for this topic; advisorologists aged to perfection. …and what the heck are Free Radicals? According to the author a Free Radical is someone who not only creates wealth for themselves, but at the same time improves the world, makes life better and increases everyone else’s standard of living.

That sounds like a new millennial mindset we could all adopt, right? You simply have to tune in to this show and hear what The Guys have to say about the author’s assertions and wisdom he shares from intense research and experiential understanding.

Mr. Kessler presents twelve rules plus a bonus rule, designed to share the methods for being extremely successful. Interestingly enough, Facebook has fulfilled nine of the twelve. Imagine what it would be like to come up with a great idea that actually changes the world. The cool thing about these ‘fools’ is that no one did them any favors.

Ray and Zen note the fact that, like the author’s assertions, these successful entrepreneurs started small, but saw something big on the horizon and created a process to constantly improve, constantly innovate, and constantly sell exactly what was needed and then identify the next big thing on the horizon. How the heck do you do that? Well, the author’s rules generate a potential path with a process to follow.

Listen In – So what are the rules?

The Guys not only discuss the Andy Kessler’s ‘rules,’ they banter about the notion of an ‘economy’ and how entrepreneurs take advantage of ‘zero marginal cost’ in developing scalable business models. If you want to make something for nothing, help the world be more productive, create wealth for the masses beyond anyone’s imagination, this book can steer you in the right direction.  In the author’s view an ‘economy’ is a system that increases the standard of living of its participants.

When you listen in, like any small business talk radio show, you’ll hear a lot about business processes and protocols. In this show you’ll hear more about the simple rules that fuel success, 13 in all. They are rules for Free Radicals that ROCK! Summing up the book… You should be scalable, wasteful, horizontal, edge hugging, Tom Sawyer-ish, productive, human adapting, people eating, market-driven, exceptional, marketing-entrepreneuring, zero-marginal, virtual pipe controlling return maximizer. Got it?

Listen in for the full story and more, The Guys trademark banter is at their best. How many of the rules do they apply? They certainly take the definition of Free Radical seriously. They give away a lot of material, are digitally-driven by design and take advantage of technology for sure. They sure destroy the status quo of traditional business talk radio.

2 Small Biz Guys as Free Radicals

Do you consider yourself to be a Free Radical or at least have the desire to be one? Maybe your company would benefit from aligning with The Guys. Branding is a significant feature in today’s digital world for sure. Imagine, rather than being a burden or a stealth tax on society, a true Free Radical improves society and is paid handsomely for doing so.

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Enjoy the Show!