George Vodin and Fancy Art Franchising

George Vodin and Fancy Art Franchising

Fancy Art

2 Small Biz Guys talk with George Vodin, President and CEO of FancyArt NFP. George has a robust history across many fields, finding a lot of success in developing performance enhancing process. In 1995 Mr. Vodin launched FancyArt NFP to turn the custom art framing industry on its ear. The market for art is fairly consistent. As George admits, people love to have beautiful imagery surrounding them whenever possible. Artwork in those environments tend to be high-ticket items. However, the nature of custom framing spans a much larger market opportunity.

Our discussion covered the art industry and, moreover, the opportunity custom framing provides. His company, now with two locations, provides custom framing services that meet customer needs beyond what you might expect. With proprietary software, the customer can sample many varieties of matting and framing that allow them selections that aren’t offered by other custom framing resources. Their prices are often substantially lower as well. His idea and company have been so successful that he is now offering franchises.

In addition to the FancyArt NFP franchises, he has also develop a short course on franchising opportunities and how to determine your best fit, or even if you might fit at all. This short course is available at FranchiseYouNiversity and might be helpful to you if you are considering purchasing a franchise opportunity. Remember there are many components in such a purchase that require serious investigation. George hopes that what he has put together may inspire others to take the first step to opening a door that could change your life for the better, as it did his.

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