Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Getting Ready for the New Year?

The Guys take off with preparing you to launch into 2018 with a jump start.. Goal Setting. How do you make them? What do you need to consider? Who should be involved? Those are just a few of the discussion questions.

Ray has been a featured professional on Entrepreneur.com and his many, many, many years of experience in his own companies and with peer advisory groups he has some great insight to the process. Of course, Zen is no novice to the process either. He’s helped many small businesses and entrepreneurs develop goal setting processes, too.

When business is tough, goal setting is more important than ever. If you don’t want to get sucked into the overall downward spiral, you need to head for higher ground. More important, you need to know how you’re going to get there.

Here’s the #1 secret to effective goal setting: regardless of what your goal is, the key to reaching it is always the same. The best, perhaps only, way to turn an abstract goal into an attainable reality is to create an action plan, a nitty-gritty, no-nonsense action plan.

Some small business owners are wishful thinkers, full of big ideas. They spend hours talking and dreaming about what they’d like to accomplish, but never in concrete terms. They repeat the same ineffective activities over and over, and then wonder why they’re not getting anywhere. Gee, I wonder.

The fact is, studies show that when business people set measurable goals, they are much more likely to attain them. That means not just defining your objectives, but defining the resources, time, and dollars you’ll need to invest in order to achieve them.

Achieving your goals, even big goals, doesn’t require brilliance or talent. It does, however, require determination and tenacity…and most of all, a realistic action plan.

If you don’t plan, you plan to fail.

Goal Setting – Put It in Writing

Every business requires a marketing plan, sales plan, recruitment plan, process plan, and financial plan. You’ll note the common word in all this activity is PLAN. Goals are nothing more than what you “plan” to accomplish.

So, record your goals, in writing. Then, start filling in the blanks between Point A (where you are today) and Point Z (where you want to be). The act of writing your ideas down, or say, keying them into your laptop, will force you to think in concrete terms. It will also spark additional ideas. This is the birth of your action plan.

Get specific; break your plan down into baby steps. Attach a realistic due date to each of them. Determine how you can measure your progress each step of the way; these measurements are your reality check.

Then, define your investment. How much will each step cost, in terms of dollars, time, research, energy? What resources can you draw from, and what additional resources will you need to acquire?

Eventually, you will have a full-blown action plan. Don’t tuck it in a drawer; keep it close by for constant reference. Make regular appointments with yourself—weekly, if necessary—to review it and ensure you stay on track. It is a work in progress, and you can expect to make changes as you proceed. That’s okay. Just don’t stop working on it.

Remember, there’s only way to eat an elephant: one bite at a time.

The Guys mention a goal setting worksheet. We suggest you take a quick journey over to Practical Biz U and download it and any others that may be helpful. There are a number of worksheets that will help you grow your business effectively, all downloadable for free.

Speaking of free stuff…

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