Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Goal Setting

It will come in a moment, but first.. We’ve moved into the digital world with a new network and better analytics, able to deliver information on-demand. This is the next step in achieving our goals, based on some things lining up. We like data and with the transparency of the web and great analytics, we can deliver messages with greater accuracy. Early adopters often get the worm, or no, that’s early birds. Well, we are a little aged compared to the millennial push.

This show starts at the beginning – Goal Setting. Changing people, places and things from where they are to where you need them to be is an art and science. We’re kind of couple of business alchemists turned advisorologist. When we are on target with our conversations, it might seem like we’re in your head, too. We all know approximately what the best practices are and perhaps applying them with mixed results. Smoothing out the road less traveled is worth some discussion, especially when we all share in the rewards. Success statistics have been less than we feel they can be, hoping our conversations about what matters might help to make sense common because all of us are smarter than one of us. Right?

Our goals discussion covers various aspects of the process, from ‘why have them?’ to defining SMART goals and sharing a few stories about the process. To help promote our small business curriculum site, Practical Biz U, we’ve made available some worksheets to help you formulate the basics. Once the major milestones are created, then breaking down the process to reach them becomes a matter of project management. The planning and strategy for achieving goals begins with a conversation to focus on honing the process particular to people, places and things required.

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