How to Be a Great Boss and some Employee Retention Myths

How to Be a Great Boss and some Employee Retention Myths

How To Be a Great Boss

by Gino Wickman and Rene’ Boer

The Guys start off this show by examining a few employee retention myths. They cross-reference a series of assumptions made by managers as to what employees are looking for in a job. The differences are striking and fodder for fueling change management for sure. You’ll enjoy the banter and maybe learn something about your own perception.

Carrying on into the discussion on ‘how to be a great boss’ The Guys reveal the guiding principle of the authors: A great boss how to be a great boss, employee retention mythscreates a work environment where people are fully engaged and highly accountable. Ray and Zen explore four truths the authors define as 1) being a great boss can be simple, 2) your style does not have to change, 3) you must genuinely care about your people and 4) you must want to be great.

Leadership + Management = Accountability

There is a difference between leadership and management. Leadership entails working ‘on’ the business, having clear direction, creating openings for conversation and thinking about the business. Management entails working ‘in’ the business, providing clear expectations, communication and doing the work.

The Guys dive further into the chaos to reveal order through exploring the Five Leadership Practices. Briefly they are: 1) Giving Clear Direction, 2) Providing the Necessary Tools, 3) Letting Go of the Vine, 4) Acting with the Greater Good in Mind and 5) Taking Clarity Breaks. Listen in to get a bigger picture of what they are and how they can work for you.

Of course there are Five Management Practices that make sure the leadership actions happen as a follow up to the practices. The Five Management Practices are: 1) Keeping Expectations Clear, 2) Communicating Well, 3) Maintaining the Right Meeting Pulse, 4) Having “Quarterly Conversations” and 5) Rewarding and Recognizing. Does your management plan include practices like these?

One of Zen’s favorite sayings is “Every question has an answer. Are you asking the right ones?” How to Be A Great Boss offers several key questions that evoke honest answers that aren’t always comfortable. Nevertheless, the questions bring about a fuller understanding of whether the principles noted above are in practice or not. Listen in for the questions or grab Ray’s Crib Notes by filling out the form below.

Enjoy the Show!