It’s a Jungle In There – Be Inspired Entrepreneurs

It’s a Jungle In There – Be Inspired Entrepreneurs

Inspiring Lessons, Hard-Won Insights, and Other Acts of Entrepreneurial Daring

by Steven Schussler – a review with The Guys

This book focuses on the lessons the author has learned, the five Ps of successful entrepreneurship that he has discovered through his own experiences:  Personality, Product, Persistence, People and Philanthropy. The Guys dance and dangle over the ‘p’recipice and talk about how to fly. Listen in to the brilliant banter and pertinent points.

Key ideas that are explored, foremost is thank youThe fact is, inspired people may work for money, but they live for acknowledgment.   By remembering to thank the people who have offered you their time and energy, you make life long allies.  The second tenet of business life is taking the high road.  The third key idea is tirelessness—you must keep trying, never give up—no matter what!  The forth is attention to detail.

Knowing the five Ps isn’t enough though, so the guys elaborate extensively on the author’s poignant pieces as well as toss in their tasty tidbits of relevance. You’ll get a lot from this show, it’s salient points are extremely important in living the successful life of being an entrepreneur. Inspired leaders rock!

Find out the secrets behind the 5 Ps…

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