Jay Myers, Author, Speaker & CEO

Jay Myers, Author, Speaker & CEO

A Natural Storyteller

Author and speaker Jay Myers is a veteran entrepreneur who shares inspiring stories and practical tips based on growing his technology business from $11- to $25-million during the Great Recession. Jay’s message as detailed in his second book, Hitting the Curveballs: How Crisis Can Strengthen and Grow Your Business, reveals creative, practical strategies to achieve business success in difficult times.

You’ll love his natural storytelling style as The Guys dive into discussion with Jay and explore how an insight into the future turned into a business that grew to over $25 million in sales. Jay, amidst some of the most challenging situations one could ever face in business and personal arenas, built a company through using methods that seemed to be contrary to the current philosophies of business development. Ray and Zen invite Jay to share some of the key experiences and insightful realizations that led the way in developing Interactive Solutions, Inc. toward success.

ISI has received numerous corporate awards and recognitions in the past several years. The company was named seven times in the past 11 years to INC. magazine’s list of the fastest growing private companies in the United States. ISI also was recently featured in the Small Business section of the Wall Street Journal. In addition, ISI was named the Memphis Business Journal Small Business of the Year in 2001 and in 2003 was the first recipient of the Kemmons Wilson (founder of Holiday Inn) Emerging Business Award.

Jay offers many small business tips from personal and business development experience, the best kind of wisdom comes from those who’ve had first hand experience of applying strategies and techniques. The Guys go over Jay’s SIMPLE concept… Setting expectations; Inviting commitment; Measuring progress; Providing feedback; Linking to consequences; Evaluating effectiveness. The new generation that is most effective today are the Millennials, bright and technically literate, who have a very different kind of workplace engagement and philosophy.

The Guys recommend Jay’s book as a reference for what certain things can do for effectively driving your business growth in the new millennium. In his words, stepping up to the plate is about being receptive to change, daring to be different, training your team and developing a clear mission statement. In the leadership role it is necessary to communicate frequently and transparently; lead with confidence and, most importantly – believe in your people. His guide… a plaque with Adapt, Evolve, Change.

You have to listen in to Jay’s excellent advice and simple recommendations for growing your business. It will be well worth your time!

Clearly Jay Myers has overcome many business and personal challenges and yet maintains such a positive outlook. …I highly recommend Hitting the Curveballs for every small business owner. CHUCK WILSON, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, NATIONAL SYSTEMS CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION

Enjoy the show!