Kane Minkus – An Industry Rockstar

Kane Minkus – An Industry Rockstar

What’s an industry rockstar, you might ask? The Guys share one with you on this show. Over a decade ago Kane Minkus was broke and homeless, $40K in debt, and sleeping on a friend’s couch. Since then, he’s built five multi-million dollar and multi-international businesses and helped over three million Entrepreneurs and professionals all over the world to open the floodgates of sustainable wealth. Kane is the Co-Founder of the #1 Global Business Training Company, Industry Rockstar. This is must listen.

Zen met Kane recently and garnered an interview for The Guys. He only had 15 minutes initially and the conversation kept him on for the entire show. Ray and Zen inquire of Kane’s experiential knowledge quickly and set up an outstanding conversation. You’ve got to listen. You can get his book by the same title, Industry Rockstar, as well.

Entrepreneurs are challenged with growing a business, and life in general, in ways that most people just cannot relate to fully. Kane and his wife, Alessia, along with Jeff Slater and Kevin Harrington are the force behind Industry Rockstar. They travel the world and help entrepreneurs grow their businesses through a 9 step system. The Guys explore each one with Kane and you gain from the experience.

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A business is a reflection of the business owner. Are you unstoppable? Do you hesitate? Business owners often agree that changing patterns in thought and action can be most challenging. It’s been said that if you don’t fail, you aren’t doing anything. There comes a point when wisdom takes over, hopefully, and you get a coach/mentor to help and more often than not, to kick your butt. It’s been proven they work.

The Guys also talk about Kane’s journeys around the globe, a rockstar globetrotter for all practical purpose, and his friendships with some of the entrepreneurial icons of our time, like Sir Richard Branson. Industry Rockstar participants often create their own communities in those locations, too. The conversation was smooth and extremely informative even if you don’t have a coach. The Guys suggest you have one, though. Ray runs peer advisory groups (coaching/mentoring) in two major cities.

Enjoy the show!