Manager’s Fatal Mistakes – Lead with Vision

Manager’s Fatal Mistakes – Lead with Vision

The Guys launch into the first of a couple of discussions on the book, 13 Fatal Errors Managers Make and how you can avoid them, by W. Steven Brown. The subject matter is great for small business owners and managers who are developing employees to help grow their business successfully. We don’t often think of them, although we often find them during the process of business building… usually because we make them. What are manager’s fatal mistakes? How do you lead with vision?

Foundation Concepts:

  1. Management is the skill of obtaining predetermined objectives through and with the voluntary cooperation of others.
  2. The purpose of management is to provide for the continuation of the business, even in our absence.
  3. The generation of a profit is mandatory in order for the business to continue, for customers to be served, and for obligations to employees to be met.
  4. People succeed or fail based on their habits.
  5. People do not try unless two questions can be answered positively: What are my chances of success? And where is the value—measured in self-esteem—to me?
  6. A manager’s job is to induce people to behave properly.
  7. In order to influence the behavior of people, we cannot deal with just behavior; we must deal with people’s thinking patterns.
  8. Management is a thinking—not a doing job

The author discovered that companies fail primarily because managers fail.  And when managers fail it is not because they cannot master numbers, but because they try to master people, or manipulate them, or ignore them.

This book is about avoiding the common errors managers make with the people they manage, and luckily for you, there are only 13!  You can learn from their mistakes; because their mistakes are probably your mistakes!

The true art of management, the author believes, lies not in the art of winning, as popular business so often characterize; rather the art of winning assent to goals and reaching them through others.  Management is the art of clearly communicating and diligently monitoring tasks and goals, then fairly rewarding the people who achieve them, because they have made a commitment to them on the basis of corporate good and personal interest.

The Guys cover several critical errors and various ways to avoid and/or overcome the situations as they present. Of course, their bantering makes the subject material a bit more engaging and less stressful in considering the impacts on your business.

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