MatchMaker FundRaising

MatchMaker FundRaising

Nonprofit Support on Steroids

Are you a nonprofit leader, per chance? Are your donor relations all you’d like them to be? How do you currently manage your campaigns? Ray and Zen explore the nonprofit world and its business of building donor relationships in the digital age.

The Guys like to give, of course, but this show is not about their efforts. Philanthropy is an integral part of our society today. Business and corporate giving is on the rise and employees take pride in helping their community. There is a component to the giving process that is often overlooked… software support.

This week’s guest, Diana Hoyt, has been around fundraising since the mid-1980s serving in various capacities, including as board member and past president of the Association of Fundraising Professionals Greater Arizona Chapter. Her passion for serving the nonprofit community caused her to become instrumental in raising millions of dollars while directing a number of campaigns. She also consults and trains nonprofit organizations across America.

What is so special about MatchMaker Software in serving the nonprofit community? The Guys discover that fundraising today, like most budding business, is about database and relationship management. MatchMaker, developed by Heritage Designs LLC, is a robust platform that includes features that had previously been available in separate packages and were often cumbersome to manage. MatchMaker Software is uniquely designed for small the medium size organizations and has all the tools necessary to manage a comprehensive fundraising program.

Nonprofit organizations are businesses, too. They are driven by donor contributions and ‘sales’ of philanthropic ideals in the community they serve. Diana stresses the importance of understanding that fundraising is more than just asking for donations for some cause or project. The process, when engaged as personal relationship building, promotes business/corporate philanthropy as good for business and good for employees.

Tools for the process of fundraising today are as sophisticated as they come, yet because of the design and development of MatchMaker Software the agony of the learning curve has been greatly diminished. According to Diana, new users are able to get up and running effectively within just a few days and complete mastery happens with weeks. If one can believe the testimonials on their website, MatchMaker offers much more than just stellar support for their software.

Donations aren’t the only thing nonprofits need. In-kind services, whether tangible goods or volunteer time, are just as important in service delivery to any community of purpose. Diana offers some details about what she’s seen that works and how encouraging business leaders and owners to become more philanthropic have benefitted local communities across the country.

She also reveals a startling fact; Arizona alone has over 37,000 nonprofits. Did you know that the nonprofit sector employs over 10% of the workforce in America today?  It is the third largest workforce, behind retail and manufacturing. In 2015 total charitable giving approached $370 billion, up 4% from 2014.

Do you support a nonprofit, or perhaps several? What does the giving process do for you? It feels good to help others. Does your company have an employee contribution or matching donation program? Helping others in need is what makes America great. If you don’t currently support a nonprofit, consider doing so.

No doubt you’ll learn a great deal about the nonprofit world with this week’s guest. The Guys sure did and know that you’ll enjoy listening in, too.

Enjoy the Show!