Mistakes Millionaires Make

Mistakes Millionaires Make

Millionaire Mistakes

The Guys dive into the world of mistakes… million dollar ones. Any serial entrepreneur knows the rise and fall is inevitable. What are the precursors to prevent such calamity? Harry Clark understands causes well. He fell hard and then went out and found others who made million dollar mistakes. The Guys’ banter covers much more than the book.

Every entrepreneur in this book had his share of ups and downs and made both great and horrible mistakes.  Entrepreneurs and family business owners need to be aware of the risks associated with business and need to protect themselves, their families and other stakeholders.  The author encourages the use of the Entrepreneurial Risk Assessment (ERA) to learn more about your individual risk exposure.

This assessment tool is available at www.ERArisksurvey.com.

The author conducted interviews with the 30 entrepreneurs.  The book is about their stories, and the mistakes and ways to avoid their extreme loss.  The author states he made plenty of mistakes along the way, but his success makes him arrogant and cocky.

The Guys protect their assets with a discussion that includes business models, a common takeaway on debt, business with the government, external events, failed acquisitions, the importance of team members, personal guarantees, bankers and the complexity of asset protection. Of course, Ray’s excellent crib notes are available below. The show is a good one if you’ve been there and done that or are on the precipice about ready to jump. Of course you could just buy the book, or….

Enjoy the Show!