Biz Buzz – Mastering a One Page Strategic Plan

Biz Buzz – Mastering a One Page Strategic Plan

One Page Strategic Plan

Is there a way to master a one page strategic plan for your business? Ray and Zen discuss the material from The Gazelles and the brilliance of Verne Harnish in reducing volumes of material into a one page plan, a strategic application of how to build a business the flourishes.

Whether you use the 12-Week Year as a model or some other adapted model that you find works for you business the tedium of creating a strategic plan, let alone implementing it, often delays the process… and profits. What if you could boil down the volume of materials to just one page?

The SWOT analysis for a business is one of them most critical pieces of a business plan, a clear and present view of how the business is regarding internal and external influences. The planning pyramid (in the download) is the tool recommended by Verne for utilizing the data and defining a strategic framework.

You can download the pdf of document here.