One World in a New World with Antony Upward

One World in a New World with Antony Upward

Only a 3-year hiatus from 2 Small Biz Guys and Zen is back in the saddle. In addition, it’s a 30-year hiatus from the original One World that began in 1990, with 120 shows by the end of 1992.

Our conversations will focus on how we learn how to work together to empower better choices as we co-create a ‘new normal’ that leads to a better world. We’ll explore personal efforts, processes and systems addressing the holistic mind, body, spirit, earth and cosmic systems in regenerative culture development. Many voices join as One with passion and purpose, where science and spirituality merge into sense-making.

Guest Antony Upward

Zen leaps onto the unconventional Flourishing Business Canvas to explore the possibilities with Antony Upward. A Sustainability Business Architect and Principal of flourishing enterprise design consultancy, Antony is the founding entrepreneur of Edward James Consulting Ltd.

We met during a Thought Leader in Systems Transformation World Café designed and organized by the Institute for Evolutionary Leadership where he was a resource. His focus is creating sustainable outcomes for enterprises by integrating all three dimensions of sustainability, social/people, environmental/planet and economic/profit, into holistic solutions using business model diagnosis and design.

Our discussion highlights the model and takes a deep dive into the world view that is transforming through scientific discoveries. Mr. Upward has thirty years of management consulting experience focused on a full range of business process and information systems projects at a variety clients. In 2010 he returned to university full time, completing his graduate thesis in Strongly Sustainable Business Model Design in 2013.

Mr. Upward is working with a global group of co-authors on a crowd-funded collaborative book to bring his new better strongly sustainable business model design tool to the world ( Our conversation brings to light the struggle to create conversations that matter FIRST in the development of flourishing businesses.

It’s people that matter first and their ability to communicate effectively and with passion and purpose are primary components of agile business today.

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