PrimaCare Considerations

PrimaCare Considerations

2 Small Biz Guys take a turn into treatment as they interview Dr. Zaheer Shah, MD and Kayla Shelly, PA-C of PrimaCare, Inc., a local primary care facility in Tempe, Arizona. Our discussion began with a little background on PrimaCare, a 20-year old company based in Rhode Island. Dr. Shah is a graduate of Brown University and specializes in the treatment of adult diseases. Ms. Shelley is a certified physician’s assistant who recently moved to Arizona from Rhode Island as well.

Initially we discuss the state of affairs with allopathic medicine and the indiscriminate  and overuse of broad-spectrum antibiotics, which adversely affects the natural flora in the gut that promotes the growth of yeast. These conditions are well-known to Dr. Shah and Ms. Shelley as they have been active in the treatment of yeast overgrowth syndrome and use of Nystatin and probiotics. Their treatment of some conditions and diseases often move beyond the boundaries of conventional medicine. Those methods include intravenous vitamin treatment, for instance.

One of the issues that is addressed with the modern medical relationships is the notion of drive-thru medical treatment. What that means is that many times patients, from their exploration and research on the internet, often come in with certain ideas and doctors often acquiesce to their self-diagnoses. That may work well for appeasing the customer and/or moving product but does it really serve the needs of the patient? Our conversation offers some food for thought, considerations for the future of your own needs when engaging medical professionals.

In regard to overuse and/or broad spectrum antibiotics our conversation moves into some specific diseases and their treatment. The Center for Disease Control has recently recommended a drastic change in the use of antibiotic prescriptions. Listen in to hear what those recommendations are and their effect on the practice of medicine.

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