Ray Schey – Phoenix Business Journal

Ray Schey – Phoenix Business Journal

Phoenix Business Journal

Ray Schey, President w/ 2 Small Biz Guys
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2 Small Biz Guys interviewed Ray Schey, publisher of the Phoenix Business Journal, for our launch into the new year. He’s tasked with the responsibility for managing all the day to day aspects of the publication. The Journal reaches over 60,000 business professionals in the Phoenix, AZ area. The Phoenix Business Journal is one of 40 local business newspapers owned by American City Business Journals. The Journals feature top stories across the gamut of business development to community service, movers and shakers you might not hear about otherwise.

Ray’s comments about the Phoenix, and Arizona’s, marketplace are poignant statements about the current trending of economic development. Small and large business concerns are affected by the global marketplace and their ability to enter it safely. New to the Phoenix area, Ray brings some energy and insight toward developing relationships and providing platforms for collaboration and connection. You’ll hear about some success with a Mr. Slim and Gov. Doug Ducey that came as a result of a conversation at a coordinated Phoenix Business Journal event.

Mr. Schey’s view of the future is positive, even with the seeming digital takeover of information disbursement. The Journal continues to develop the face-to-face and tactile relationships with its readers through providing up-to-date news-worthy stories about the Phoenix, and Arizona’s, business community. The point of view from the purveyor of business information and community developments is worth the listen. When the daily travails keep one focused on the needs and responsibilities for your business, it’s good to have some reference to a bigger picture and bright future we share.

It does become clear that it takes a community of support, business and society, to maintain sustainability and even growth. Metro Phoenix, from Ray’s report and relevant reflections elsewhere, is a hotbed for business development. It encompasses boomers ready for addressing health care needs to the co-working and incubator spaces spawning new technology that will take us into the 21st Century.

Enjoy the show!