Scaling Up – Rockefeller Habits Continued

Scaling Up – Rockefeller Habits Continued

Gazelles on the Ground

In the last show the Guys only skimmed the surface of the information as Verne Harnish and the Gazelles lay out some key features for building business with best practices in accountability, responsibility and authority in leadership. Are stakeholders (employees, customers, shareholders) happy and engaged in the business; and would you ‘rehire’ all of them? The Guys continue the conversation and explore some basic questions:

  • Are you happy? Do you enjoy coming to work?Scaling Up
  • Would you enthusiastically rehire everyone, knowing what you know today?
  • Is there a relationship that is draining you emotionally?

One of the considerations includes understanding a growing organism means that the cell must divide. So, too, must your company or it won’t be able to function in a healthy way.

No team can be too far removed from the action of the marketplace—or so bit that it becomes unwieldy and unresponsive (think of Amazon’s “two pizza rule”—no team should be so bit that it can’t be fed with two pizzas.)

This is the main principle underpinning effective organizational design.  Divide big teams into smaller ones aligned around projects, products, product lines, customer segments, geographical locations, etc., based on the idea of getting everyone in the organization into small teams and as close to his or her respective customers as possible.  This is a way to increase the surface area of the company, giving the maximum number of employees a chance to interact with the marketplace.

Listen in to the Guys as they banter and behold the quality information they reveal from investigating and sharing the information from one of the top leadership gurus today. The discussion includes attracting and hiring the right people, how to get the best talent in recruiting; interviewing processes that provide the best results. People join companies, they leave because of managers.

Here’s some tips from the authors…

  1. Help People Play to Their Strengths.
  2. Don’t Demotivate; “dehassle.”
  3. Set Clear Expectations, and Give Employees a Clear Line of Sight.
  4. Give Recognition, and Show appreciation.
  5. Hire Fewer People, but Pay Them More.

You’ll get a lot from this show, so pay attention and enjoy the banter in between those salient points you’ll find. If you want to get Ray’s crib notes… a superb short-version of the material, just fill out the form below.

Enjoy the Show!


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