Semi-Pro Basketball w 2 Small Biz Guys

Semi-Pro Basketball w 2 Small Biz Guys

Semi-Pro Basketball and Intro to Networking – 2 Small Biz Guys 10/26/2015

Our special guest this show is Jamar Johnson, the Chief CBL Commissioner and CEO of the CBL Worldwide, Inc. It is also known as CBL Exposure League for semi-pro basketball players and more. The website for CBL explains the opportunities in more detail. It is a new business model for an age-old sport in America, uniting players and teams in a new way. Check out the local tournament coming up November 13 and 14.

In high school, Jamar played in front of the largest attended high school basketball game of 41,000 people his senior year, a record that “still” stands today! Jamar then went on to play basketball and completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Nebraska. After a brief professional career overseas and in the Continental Basketball Association (CBA) Jamar returned to the University of Nebraska and served as a Graduate Assistant Coach for two seasons.

In 1996 Jamar started SportsPro HR, Inc., a sports management business that focused on managing off the court business aspects of NBA players. Jamar then went into the corporate world where he has also worked in Sales, Human Resources, Finance, and Marketing. In 2014 Jamar was elected into the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame and Jamar is author of “Improving America One Basketball Game at a Time and How to Earn a Six Figure Income with Basketball.”

In the second half of the show we begin to look at ‘networking’ and discussing the core features of the process. If you are in the area and want to hear a master networker speak about the craft, join us for Engaging the Art of the Schmooze. What do you think are the key features of successful networking?

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