Small Business Marketing

2 Small Biz Guys are passionate about small business marketing.

Budgets are always a concern. Where can you get the most bang for your buck? Traditional knowledge says that it takes at least 7small business marketing exposures to you before potential customers even begin to know about you.

There is a better way.

Small business marketing techniques include a completely different marketing mix than last century. Social media and the digital marketplace have, in some sense, leveled the playing field. Smaller companies can take advantage of services and technology that have often been too expensive in the past. Digital marketing efforts can target potential customers with more accuracy than traditional efforts.

Now that live streaming and on-demand radio has a growing audience, the ease of getting your message in front of your potential customers increases exponentially. Some entrepreneurial hosts have been able to help small businesses on local radio by charging small fees for a 15-minute segment that highlights their business but no way of determining who actually hears it.

We are passionate about helping small business flourish. As co-hosts it is obvious Ray and Zen enjoy each other and guests feel comfortable, too. We promote small business people and engage impactful discussion to help manage and grow YOUR small business.

We like to share things we find, too. Here’s a list of some things to consider in your small business marketing efforts. There are a number of things that don’t cost much. This list is from an article on WordStream.

  1. Publish Great Content
  2. Create Instructional Videos
  3. Get Ad Promo Credits
  4. Be a Savvy Social Networker
  5. Stumble Upon Advertising
  6. DIY Infographics
  7. Give New Life to Old Data
  8. Lounge About on LinkedIn
  9. Recycle Your Content
  10. Develop a Customer Referral Program
  11. Online Contests
  12. Industry Partnerships
  13. Guerrilla Marketing
  14. Host an Event or Class
  15. Business Card Drawing
  16. Email Marketing
  17. Car Magnets

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