Social Media Basics & 2 Small Biz Guys

Social Media Basics & 2 Small Biz Guys

Social Media for growing your business?

Are you using social media for growing your business? Many are, so you are not alone. You’ve got to listen to this show.

Social media is now a navigation tool as much as a methodology for connecting and creating relationships with customers through various platforms. We’ve used Social Media to grow 2 Small Biz Guys from zero to over 150,000 listens in our first year.

Zen started with bulletin boards back in the 1990s before the Web took off. His first website, built in 2000, grew to over 25,000 visits a month. There were no social media platforms then, just searches. Monetizing things then wasn’t important to many. Now, that kind of traffic would be a gold mine.

In 2000 there were approximately 17,000,000 websites and roughly 400,000,000 internet users. Today, those numbers have increased to nearly 1 billion websites and 3 billion users, so the competition is fierce. We’ll explore the major platforms on this show, with tips on each.

Join the Guys for an accelerated learning event. Listen in to a great conversation about social media, how to use it effectively and what tips and tricks you might consider using for your business.

Here’s The Truth…

  1. Your prospects are not interested in hearing a slick sales pitch.
  2. Your prospects don’t want you to talk at them. They want you to talk with them.
  3. Your prospects want to know they’re being heard. And they want to know you value their opinion.
  4. Your prospects want you to earn their trust before you attempt to sell them anything.
  5. When you listen to your market and deliver the things they’re asking for, you build raving fans.

That’s what social media allows you to do. Consider it word-of-mouth marketing on steroids.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns Can:

  1. increase exposure
  2. boost traffic to your website
  3. generate leads
  4. develop loyal fans
  5. raise brand awareness
  6. build your email list
  7. find and engage your target market
  8. promote new services
  9. improve customer satisfaction
  10. differentiate yourself from your competition
  11. reveal what people are saying about you and your competition

Not to make it all happy and wonderful, Douglas Rushkoff’s recent book, Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus, presents the idea that the digital world still operates with the Industrial Age philosophy – profit instead of benefit or value for society. Perhaps this will changeLinkedIn Workbook - How to grow your business using LinkedIn, but only by user demands and changing the manner in which we engage cyberspace. For now, the best practices bridge garnering attention and profitability with deliverables through both click-and-mortar and brick-and-mortar companies and individuals. The new way netiquette, a key focus of Tom and Penny Power with the UK-based e-cademy business networking site (now SunZu), is “Know, Like, Follow and Share.”

In order to follow those essential guidelines we’ve got to understand Social Media better, which is why you are here right now. Right? The Guys spin around the social block in the first segment, discussing the ins and outs of social media and their advantages for moving people toward making decisions.

Ray and Zen switch roles a bit, with Ray conferring with Zen on his social media prowess (at least in his own mind) from the cursory view to the tasty tidbits about how to use the different platforms, their advantages, and what ‘Know, Like, Follow and Share’ actually means; turning the mayhem into magic for you. Planck Social Media Agency might be helpful, too, a little quantum engagement with pun intended.

The following segments get into the overviews of the big three platforms, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn; what they mean for you as a business owner and how each has specific advantages for B2C and B2B development. Facebook has more advantages for B2C development while LinkedIn is more B2B oriented. Google+ straddles the two with advantages built in that take advantage of Search Engine Optimization and the Google search engine.

If you’ve wanted to know more about Social Media and why you, as a business owner, need to be involved…

Enjoy the Show!

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