Street Smart Entrepreneurs – Starting a Business

Street Smart Entrepreneurs – Starting a Business

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The Knack – Listen In…

How often do you have the opportunity to listen in to important conversations? Now you can do it on-demand with the Star Worldwide Networks app and 2 Biz Guys small business talk radio. We crack open the books to discuss Street Smart Entrepreneurs on this show. Are you starting a business?

Contrary to a previous exploration into Escape Velocity, Norm Brodsky and Burlingham find The Knack: How Street-Smart Entrepreneurs Learn To Handle Whatever Comes Up shares multiple points about successful entrepreneurial endeavors.

A smart person learns from his/her mistakes. A wise person learns from other people’s mistake. Never assume that the real issues are those you see on the surface. Our discussion creates an opportunity for you to explore how you are responding to business challenges.

There is no formula for success in business. Then, how is it that some entrepreneurs are able to start one successful business after another and rarely, if ever, fail. What exactly is the knack?

Enjoy the Show!