Biz Buzz – Talent Magnet – How to Attract and Keep the Best People

Biz Buzz – Talent Magnet – How to Attract and Keep the Best People

Talent Magnet

This episode of Biz Buzz Becoming a Talent Magnet is crucial in today’s marketplace, from start-up to growing a business. Increase the caliber of your players and you increase your chances of winning.  The never-ending quest for the most talented people has been made even more difficult by changing demographics, fluctuating employment statistics, increased competition, and shifting expectation.

The result:  A virtual War for Talent.

Given the growing need for talented people, the author and his team wondered: What is really required to attract “Top Talent.” 

What attracts and keeps Top Talent is different from what attracts and keeps typical talent.  Are you really offering what Top Talent want, If not, why not?

Do you have a strategy to attract Top Talent? Who is our target employee?  How would you describe him or her?  First, what does Top Talent mean, and what do they want in a job?

Our short discussion certainly doesn’t cover the entire topic, but it does offer some things for small business owners to consider for the start-up and growth phases of the business. In addition, Ray’s crib notes are a synopsis and view of a multiple business owner, one with over 1300 employees, and peer group facilitator of nearly 30 years.

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