LinkedIn as a Business Tool

LinkedIn as a Business Tool

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How do you use LinkedIn as a business tool? The Guys launch into looking at LinkedIn from multiple perspectives, discussing tasty tidbits for triumph in the use of LinkedIn as a business tool. Small business talk radio with these guys is a little out of the ordinary.

Zen does workshops on developing LinkedIn profiles and company pages based on a workbook he wrotesmall business talk radio, LinkedIn graphic during his research into best practices on LinkedIn. It’s on Amazon, but for our listeners we’ll give you a copy, just use the form below.

For businesses, relationships matter more than ever. Why? Because people tune out irrelevant or promotional messages to focus on useful, engaging content. How does that work? Companies that inform and engage aren’t just selling – they’re building relationships.

LinkedIn helps marketers forge relationships with the world’s largest professional community. On 2 Small Biz Guys small business talk radio, we explore things that matter. Being able to use LinkedIn is one of those things that is practical today.

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LinkedIn members are almost 50 percent more likely to buy from a company they engage with on LinkedIn. And a whopping 80 percent of LinkedIn members want to connect with companies because those connections provide them opportunities to enhance their professional decision making.

The Guys talk about how to use your Company Page to build relationships, attract new followers, and create brand advocates. Social media leaders employ a 5-step model for establishing relationships with customers and prospects. After reading this guide, you’ll understand how to apply this 5-step model to your social media strategy on LinkedIn.

Use LinkedIn as a Business Tool

  1. Establish your presence
  2. Attract followers
  3. Engage followers
  4. Amplify through the network
  5. Analyze and refine

Segment One: What is LinkedIn? Who uses LinkedIn?

What are the most useful features?

  • Answer Targeted Questions In LinkedIn Groups
  • Make Use Of InMail
  • Locate Prospects Using Advanced Search
  • Try LinkedIn Sponsored Updates
  • Built in CRM

Segment Two: Best Practices

  • Best Practices using LinkedIn (another version of Know, Like, Follow, Share)
  • Profiles – Photo, Headline, Summary, Company/Experience, Recommendations
  • Schools of thought on business speak or colloquial approach, audience considerations and style preference.
  • Mix of documentation – docs, pdfs, images, Slideshare, videos

Segment Three: Company/Showcase Pages

  • Company Profile, Ideal Customer profile, Logos, Graphics, News feed, Follow
  • Engaging conversation via company pages
  • Showcase pages as special features – particular product/service/person/expertise

Segment Four: Pulse

  • Engaging articles – find experts in your field and make comments on articles, share them
  • Open to everyone – images, links, videos and tags
  • Keep up on industry leaders
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