What is Your Vision and Mission?

What is Your Vision and Mission?

Mission & Vision

2 Small Biz Guys small business talk radio delves into the realm of creating focus and direction for business development and success. Vision and Mission statements to explore what they are, how they help business growth and empower direction for the workforce.  Our first segment outlines the development of and differences in the Vision and Mission statements and the communication of those details throughout the organization.

Next, we talk about the ‘drivers’ of business regarding the type of business – technology, low cost or relationship-based. Each driver or type has certain ramifications regarding marketing position, sales procedure and format, product/service development and staffing requirements. How do click-and-mortar internet companies fit into the mix?

A SWOT analysis provides a foundation for assessment and opportunity and in our third segment we discuss the definitions, internal and external implications. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats drive a business to success when handled effectively and often failure when ignored. Strengths and Weaknesses involve internal analysis, Opportunities and Threats looks at external or market-driven events. Why should companies perform a SWOT analysis?

Lastly, we take a look at customer definition. Who is your target market? What are the details and processes used to determine exactly who your target market is, where you can find them and how to communicate with them? The discussion includes customer demographics, psychographics and distribution channels for marketing. Zen taught business plan writing classes at the collegiate level locally, we’re sure you would benefit from the workbook used.

In addition to the conversation that will give you much to consider and hopefully some insights to follow up, we offer some downloadable worksheets from PracticalBizU.com. If you like the worksheets, you may also find our small business courses of value. Thanks for listening and enjoy the show!

Enjoy the Show!