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You know how radio can boost your exposure, but the old school ‘tune in at X time’ just doesn’t work for today’s listening audience does it? How about the growing and recurring costs of CPC or CPM marketing? What can you do about keeping your costs down and provide great content?

On-Demand is the way! Be there when your listeners are!

Top Business Coaches Today Say: Be Unstoppable!

“Interviews are one of the best ways to tell your story.”

Have you seen this advertisement on LinkedIn?

Need a commercial? $300 for 30 sec commercial shot and edit. Contact us today!

Imagine getting your own hour-long show plus a commercial for not much more? That’s what I’m sayin…

Thank you for the outstanding opportunity of being a guest on 2 Small Biz Guys Talk Radio. I found the experience extremely comfortable and easy to get the message out. This is an opportunity every small business owner should take advantage of. Some people are afraid of being on radio, and you made this very easy, comfortable and entertaining.

–Rick Murray, President, Arizona Small Business Association

To You, A Business Owner…

Just so you know, we set it up so that you’ll have 4 segments with commercial breaks. Each segment will feature your best elements or stories about your business. We do this for several reasons.

You’ll have the specific content that customers want to know.

First, your ‘why’ – the reason you got into this business and your particular business model.

Second is your ideal customer profile, their demographics and what they need that you provide.

Third is success stories about how your product/service has benefitted your customers and testimonials you’ve received.

Lastly, how your company has developed and expanded based on the success of your business model, possibly how it has benefitted your customers and community.

We hit our 150,000 listens mark in less than a year.

Ray and Zen are skilled at asking the right questions that expand upon the above outline. Ray has been a facilitator of Peer Advisory Boards for over 20 years. Zen has been a radio and television host as well as small business educator for a couple of decades, too. Together, they engage small business talk radio,and expand on topics to help you demonstrate your expertise and knowledge of your product/service and industry as a whole.

Using the four segments, you can target different aspects of customer development, using your website and social media outlets. If you aren’t sure what that entails, we have expertise to help. These ‘stand alone’ pieces can be priceless in your marketing efforts today.

If you have a blog, these segments are useful to create content and promotes your business through the practice of relationship marketing. Potential customers, and even those who may refer you, get to know you from a distance and without feeling pressured by the ‘sales process’ that may have initial resistance.

We know you’ll be happy with your time with us and with the finished product.

Listenership: Targeted listeners interested in products and services but moreover the people that make it all happen. Our listeners range from solopreneurs to B2B and B2C businesses, folks who just want to stay informed about best business practices. You never know when ideas or methods shared can affect the growth of your own business. We have over 150,000 listens our first year.

Small Investment – Big Benefits

Just a sample of where we post Рnumber of eyes & ears:

  • LinkedIn Groups: 6 million+ members

  • Facebook Groups: 730,000+ members

Zen also has a social media agency that has been very successful in educating clients who like the DIY approach and producing results for those who like the ‘things done for you’ approach better.

Shows are recorded live in the studio for local guests and through Skype for those across the country. The sound quality is great and we have a professional engineer in the studio with us at Star Worldwide Networks in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Studio time for us is Tuesdays at 1pm Arizona Time. If that time is inconvenient, we can work around it if necessary. We’ve only had to do it once so far, though.

Again, we’re excited about doing your show and look forward to speaking with you. To get the process started, just fill out the form below. If, for any reason, you decide to cancel we will issue a full refund.

Thank you for the opportunity to be a guest on the 2 Small Biz Guys Talk Radio Show. I have to say I love the format and really enjoyed the interchange with the two of you. Very fun! 

Also, I believe that being a guest on your show is an excellent way for small business owners to promote their companies to a larger audience across the country(and world) Additionally it provides a meaningful opportunity to “pay it forward” by providing tips and insights to budding entrepreneurs and/or anyone who is considering starting their own business.

Congratulations Ray and Zen for putting this terrific show together and helping small business owners worldwide!

Jay Myers, President, CEO, Interactive Solutions, Inc.